Shiatsu Glasgow

Shiatsu Treatment

For whom and how often should you come? What is a typical treatment?

Shiatsu is recommended for people with physical, emotional or mental stress, exhaustion, and different physical pains (to talk about in individual cases), after sicknesses/accidents, for recovery, as a prophylaxis for your health or as an spiritual company.

Normally a Shiatsu treatment takes place on a mattress, on the floor, and you stay comfortable dressed. If you are not able to lay down on the floor, there is also a treatment bench.

Timeframe: 1 hr / the first session can be a little bit longer.

The frequency on the treatments depends on you. A lot of clients come for weekly treatments, but even every 2 weeks or once in a month is possible. And how long you come for Shiatsu – it is your decision (and I can offer advice).