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Shiatsu Treatments – Glasgow

Welcome to Glasgow Shiatsu, my name is Ulrike Zeller and I am a qualified practitioner in Shiatsu, performing therapeutic bodywork to aid your health and wellbeing.

Shiatsu is a Japanese treatment method based on eastern philosophy, and ‘Shiatsu’ literally means ‘finger- pressure’. It works with the meridians as an energetic bodywork under the premise of the unit of body-mind-soul.

Shiatsu can support and treat people, and this happens through careful, ‘unintentional’ and deep contact, leaning, stretching and rotation… ‘Unintentional’ in this context means: the practitioner uses his/her perceptions, uses his/her impulses received from the client’s body and not only from theory and learned concepts.

Every human being is dependent on his/her own story and life circumstances; because of this personal story, everybody develops different patterns to follow, and everybody reacts in different manners to simulations from the outside… This means that each person must to be treated in his/her own individual way!

Since the 20th century Shiatsu is a recognised profession in Japan and came over to the west in the 1970’s. Zen Shiatsu was developed by Shizuto Masunaga; he started his research in his 70’s. It contains a theory which integrates totally the practical work during a session. He joins the traditional use of Shiatsu as a folklore natural healing, with the roots of Chinese medicine, with the psychology of the west, with physiology, with the philosophical bases of Zen Buddhism and with the experiences of thousands of treatments.

This means, he was joining the eastern with the western theory and the actual practice. As a result, you find a system with a human being as part of universal energy-system. In this system the life energy – Qi/Ki – runs in the meridians (energy lines) in a constantly flowing manner.

Actual mental states (well-being, health, hurts and pains, emotional conflicts etc.) are than an expression of free flowing or stagnating or lack of energy.