Shiatsu Glasgow

About Me

ulrike-zellerUlrike Zeller, born in 1967, married, and has one son. Now living in Glasgow, Scotland, since February 2014.

Social Work Diploma
Physiotherapy Diploma
Shiatsutherapist (GSD) since 2006

Ulrike also works as a Shiatsu teacher in Germany (Shiatsuzentrum, Freiburg).

With Shiatsu I have found a perfect therapy form and a philosophy of life – a method, which meets people in an ‘unintentional’, ‘non judgemental’ and positive and fortifying way. Shiatsu is a technic which asks me for inner debate with my own predicaments as therapist. So I am given the ability to meet other people in a free and open way.

The idea of on an unity of body, mind, soul is for me no more an abstract word, but experiences, visible, perceptible. Symptoms are therefore a phenomenon of illnesses, but – and this is more important for me – an expression of the life energy ‘QI’ of every single person, which gives me clues and support during my treatment. For the reason, to use this kind of work in a therapeutic way, I joined a school for non-medical practitioners after I finished the training as Shiatsu therapist.

One year later I passed these exams. After a period of 9 months in New Zealand and Nepal I became member of the Shiatsu Centre in Freiburg, Germany (, and worked there as Shiatsu therapist and teacher till I met my husband in 2013; I moved to Scotland in january 2014.

I combine my work as Shiatsu therapist with the methods of Myofascial Release, ear acupuncture, Kinesio taping and physiotherapy.

Beside Buddhism, regular meditations, Yoga and Iaido I’m also connected to the tradition of the Native Americans. Vision quests in 2005 4-days, prayer dances in 2006 – 2011 and regular sweat lodges – these I have also offered since 2011.