Shiatsu Glasgow

Additional Treatments

Myofascial Release

Our body is interconnected by fascias. Every organ, every muscle is mantled by fascias and one fascia is connected to the next. So, if there is any physical problem in one special part of the body, this has automatically an effect on the rest of the body… by the fascias. Working on tight or tensed up fascias releases body ligaments very easily.


Trained as physiotherapist between 1999 – 2002 and graduated with a diploma. I worked in a private practice in Freiburg, Germany, until I moved to Scotland in 2014. The practice specialised in neurological and orthopedic clients. For this practice I was also trained in several special trainings which includes: Gyrotonic, PNF, lymphatic drainage, reflexology massage.

Kinesio Tape

Support the body in finding the normal body alignment, taping can be very useful. Often strong pain eases up quickly and helps to find a better and normal moving.

Ear Acupuncture

The human ear reflects the complete human body. Through needles set in the ear you can activate the brain to give different, normal, healthy impulses to the body, Orthopedic problems, acut, or chronically pains, inflammations, mental or autonomic processes can be influenced and supported. Ear acupuncture become in the last few year a kind of subform of the TCM (trad. chinese medicine) and of the French auriculotherapy (after Paul Nagier). How often is dependent on individual cases, but can easily mixed with Shiatsu.

Spine Therapy

If you have blocked vertebras there can be removed with this method. I often mix it with Shiatsu. At the end of a treatment, when energy is already moving – it can be helpful to give a final impulse to adjust the spine. Depending on individual case.